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At Grand Slam I.T. School, we create the talent pool and vouch for our graduates because their skills have been cultivated with care by our experienced instructors and seasoned professionals. We are your talent partner for long or short-term assignments and are happy to create programs and courses tailored to your needs. Our managed solutions aim to optimize your workforce and operations while our experts will get your job done by guaranteeing timely and service-level delivery. 

Why us?

Quality - Grand Slam I.T. School


Our graduates have the highest technical and soft skills but also embrace our working values and ethics. They have a lifelong learning attitude and are sincere, punctual, attentive to detail, and inclusive. 

Cost effectiveness - Grand Slam I.T. School


Your payment will be a one-off based on the candidate's annual salary. There will be no other costs, and you will have a trial period to decide whether there is a good fit; if not, you can try a few more graduates for free! 

Efficiency - Grand Slam I.T. School


We can minimize the hiring process and get everything done for you in less than three weeks. Your candidates will be exclusively our graduates - we will not suggest someone from the market; you will have available profiles within one business day.

Reliability - Grand Slam I.T. School


We are agile and strive for improvement; our several years of experience in academia and industry, having worked with big clients and partners is a warranty for our impeccable service. We are happy only when you are.

Flexibility - Grand Slam I.T. School


By helping you decide the hiring period and terms, you will not have to worry about hire failure rates. Regardless of remote, in-person, short or long-term assignments, we shall retrain and up-skill our graduates to fit your performance standards. 

We care - Grand Slam I.T. School

We care

We care for our customers as much as we care for our graduates. We take pride in enabling professionals and organizations hit their targets. Our work is not complete until you exceed your goals.

Get in touch with our experts

We will reach out to you within 24 hours

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